Endangered Animals

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Polar Bear with Bronze Patina
This majestic and regal bronze polar bear is no longer available. It was a limited edition, The mold has been destroyed. However, Minor always thought the bronze polar bear would look terrific painted white so she is offerring her one of a kind BRONZE – “Artist’s copy” (4/15) taken for my artist copy) – which she painted.(see above) 

$5,000.00 – one of a kind – painted BRONZE POLAR BEAR  (measurements –  including the base – are 10″H x 11″ W x 15″ L

Carol Ann, a gifted painter, painted her ARTIST’S COPY of “GREAT WHITE BEAR”, creating a ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE!

The unique painted bronze bear (the highlights of bronze showing through the paint emphasize his muscles rolling from side to side) is set on a faux marble iceberg. The iceberg has also been painted to complement the colors of the majestic bear. The bear and iceberg have been set upon a beautiful, hand-crafted wood base.

Available for shipping IMMEDIATELY.  The painted bronze Polar Bear is currently on display at Talley’s Art Gallery on 123 Main Street in Mount Airy, N.C.



4 Responses to Endangered Animals

  1. linda says:

    that has to be montana inspired —right — is this clay you are working with

    • Carol Ann Minor says:

      Yes, it is paper clay along with bits of plastic, cloth materials,
      all painted with oils. I’m not sure what finish I’ll use.
      And yes, we love the Rocky Mountains! One year saw five
      Grissleys at different places -on the last day on our way home from
      camping two weeks and not seeing any. I had prayed to God to let
      us see his glory (and reminded him that his Grissleys were what
      I was talking about! Wow, what an answer to prayer that was!

  2. MIKE M. says:

    We bought #2 Great White Bear after a trip to Churchill to see the polar bears what a great piece of art.
    we are currently downsizing and would like to sell our copy if you know of anyone interested please contact us.

    • sculptor says:

      I now have an art gallery whom you could ask whether or not they wish to take your bear on commission. You could also bring the bear back to the shop in Concord, MA to see if he would sell it on commission. As you can see, I am currently selling the painted Artist version for $5,000.00 since the mold was destroyed. They definitely have gone up in value; plus for me to come up with another series would also cost much more to have them cast in bronze. I am pleased you enjoyed my work. I currently have over 200 sculptures (of which at least 100 are bronzes) in homes from coast to coast in the United States (Puerto Rico included) as well as a Baron de Borch from Holland bought one of my Arabian colts.

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